Profiting from market declines and bear markets


Bear Trader, enables traders to profit from stock market declines and volatility. Bear Trader subscribers receive text messaged alerts to trade long and inverse or short ETFs which track the major stock indices including the  S&P 500, Dow 30 and NASDAQ. Since being spun off from its parent, Bull & Bear Tracker on March 3, 2020, Bear Trader has generated significant and consistent profits for its subscribers. 

From February 20 to March 18, 2020 the markets for 13 of the world’s 14 largest GDP countries declined by a minimum of 34% their 2020 all-time or multi-year highs.

Based on the 34% decline threshold being met an algorithm has forecasted the following for all 13 of the markets:

  • 30 to 32 month declines to final Q4 2022 bottoms
  • 79% to 89% declines at bottoms
  • Gains of 300% from a trading short index ETFs on way to bottoms

Bear Trader is powered by two proprietary algorithms:

  • Bull & Bear Tracker, a trend trader
  • SCPA (Statistical Crash Probability Analyses), a crash events forecaster which accurately forecasted the following: 

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SCPA’s forecasts were based on research of 100 years of empirical data including Dow 1929-1932 and NASDAQ 2000-2002 market crashes. 

The probability of the 2020 crashes providing potential short selling gains of 300% or more is high.  All of the 2020-22 crashes have the same genealogy as 1929-32 and 2000-02 which provided short sellers with gains of 317% and 319% as depicted in the charts below. 

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