New BullVIX Algorithm

Profit from decline and volatility bursts

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Profit from market declines and Volatility bursts


Bear Trader is a market index (S&P 500, NASDAQ & Dow 30 Industrials)  ETF long and short (inverse) trend trader powered by two algorithms:

Bear Trader’s best friends:  

  • Defensive investors sitting in cash who believe the market is going much lower and would like to profit from market going lower.      
  • Part-time traders who want to generate cash and want to be in position for a significant gain when bursts of volatility occur.   

Bear Trader is user friendly:

  • Averages one round trip trade (buy & sell) per week
  • Text messaged instructions only sent before market open (9:30AM EST) and during last hour of trading (3:00-4:00PM)

Bear Trader users sleep comfortably.   Since inception (as of 6/30/20):  

  • In market overnight: 24% of time 
  • Alerts success/failure ratio: 69%    

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