Bear Trader and Bear Trader Premium are ideal cash flow producing vehicles for:

  • Defensive investors who are awaiting a significant market decline before investing long term
  • IRA and 401K investors who want to utilize a trading strategy to build retirement assets 

Bear Trader sends text messaged alerts to buy primarily the shares of short or inverse ETFs when it senses a pickup for volatility and a market decline. After the market and volatility has declined and the price of the inverse ETF has risen, Bear Trader sends an alert to sell the shares and go to cash. Bear Trader then waits for the market and volatility to increase to a certain level and then repeats the process. Bear Trader also sends alerts to buy long ETFs at major interim market bottoms.   

Since inception Bear Trader’s conservative traders and aggressive traders have:

  • averaged monthly gains of 5% and 10% respectively
  • ended more days in cash than days invested

To use Bear Trader a subscriber is required to have an online brokerage account and a cell phone which receives text messages.