This notice pertains to the open 75% stakes in VXX or UVXY shares which are held by Bear Trader Conservative and Aggressive Traders respectively.  

1. The December 9, 2020, “SPIKES; S&P Down & VIX Up by year end due to Rare Anomaly research findings!” article is a must read.  It pertains to the UVXY and VXX positions.  It also provides details on VIX call options for potential gains of more than 1,000%. 

To fully understand the significance of the BSA discovery see also Bullish Sentiment Anomaly (BSA) | Bull Vix Algorithm.  

2. There have been two significant discoveries over last 30 days:

  • Bullish Sentiment Anomaly (BSA) which has been accurate to identify the last three market tops which were followed by the last three most volatile corrections.  
  • BBT Algorithm’s signals are ideal for trading post BSA occurrences.

3. A new algorithm, Bull Vix has been developed to monitor future BSAs and send alerts to subscribers to trade VIX related instruments.

4. Existing Bear Trader subscribers will continue to receive all of Bull Vix’s text message alerts to trade UVXY and VXX until the current BSA trading period has concluded.   To receive alerts for the next BSA which Bull Vix identifies will require a subscription to Bull Vix.  

5. It is highly recommended for all Bear Traders to subscribe to one of the Bull Vix’s one-time payment offerings found here.   A subscription to the November 2020 BSA will provide a first right of refusal to receive alerts for future BSA occurrences.    Returns for the three 5-week post BSA occurrence period returns averaged 70% from trading the VXX and 140% for the double leveraged UVXY.   Thus, we anticipate that demand for Bull Vix will far outstrip supply in the future.   

Note: The top priority of the developer of the Bull Vix, who also developed the BBT and six other algorithms is for subscribers and investors to be able to make a profit.   Therefore, the number of subscribers to all of the algorithm related products on will be closely monitored and regulated.