In November of 2020, the Bear Trader recommended VIX related shares UVXY and VXX for the first time ever.   

The utilization of the two shares which mimic the CBOE Volatility index (VIX) resulted in the development of a standalone algorithm for the Bull Vix which exclusively trades shares and call options which mimic the VIX.  See “Bull Vix: Vicious Accuracy”, December 20, 2020.

The Bull Vix algorithm was 16/16 for all its defined trading periods from 2010 to 2020 and generated a cumulative return of 448%.  

Since Bear Trader subscribers now have 100% positions in the VXX or UVXY, Bear Trader will continue to send alerts that are issued by the Bull Vix.  The Bull Vix’s defined trading period will last until at least the middle of January.   See article.          

Since Bear Trader will also be sending alerts to trade the SPXL, SPXS, SPY and SH shares throughout the Bull Vix’s defined trading period the probability for a mistake being made is high.  Thus, it is highly recommended that you purchase a one-time single payment $49 subscription to for access to the Bull Vix’s signals to trade the BSA (Bullish Sentiment Anomaly) occurrence which is now underway.    

Due to the indices being at all-time highs and the spike in volatility which is now occurring we anticipate both Bear Trader and Bull Vix to produce extraordinary returns over the short term.