Bull Vix Algorithm


  • Monitors for Bullish Sentiment Anomaly (BSA)
  • Recommends securities which mimic CBOE volatility index (VIX) after occurrence of anomaly

The Bull Vix algorithm text messages alerts to its subscribers to trade VIX related securities:

  • VIX call options
  • VXX ETN shares
  • UVXY ETN shares (200% leverage)

The Bull Vix algorithm’s back tested alerts are powered by the BBT Algorithm’s signals to trade inverse index ETFs.  The table below depicts the win ratios for BBT’s signals to trade the S&P 500 index’s inverse ETFs including the SDS during the 5-week post anomaly periods since 2017.  The table also includes the back tested signals to trade the UVXY which had a higher win ratio of 88.8%.

Bull Vix ONE-TIME PAYMENT subscription offerings:

There is a limited amount of capacity of capital which can trade VIX related securities.  Therefore, all subscribers will have a first right of refusal to subscribe to the next Bullish Sentiment Anomaly (BSA) which occurs in 2021 or later in the decade.

The chart for the UVXY below depicts the potential leverage from trading the call options for VIX related securities.   The spikes for the UVXY from its all-time lows after the occurrence of the Bullish Sentiment Anomaly (BSA) likely netted gains in excess of 1,000%, less than 60 days after the deployment of a disciplined call option trading strategy.

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A viewing of the video below about the versatile BBT algorithm which powers the Bull Vix, Bull & Bear Tracker and Bear Trader buy and sell alerts is highly recommended.